I usually don’t comment on gruesome stories or even like to admit that death is a part of traffic. This one, however, makes the word “Quagmire” seem benign.
On Saturday night/Sunday morning between the hours of 11pm to 4am, there was a mass pile-up of cars happening just south of Gainesville, Flordia, across the Paines Praire area. The story has been covered by major news organizations such as CBS, CNN, and the Huffington Post. Several people died, and several more were injured as cars backed up due to a lack of visibility, one crashing into each other as a cacaphony of tires squeeling, and screams rang out through the night. One truck driver will never forget that there was a man, quite literally, under his truck as the even played out on both sides of the highway, northbound and southbound.

Our severe condolences go out to any and all victims of this deadly accident.
I can’t help to wonder why we, as a society, choose to remain blind to the fact that change is needed even while chaos erupts around us. I am sure that this accident will go down in history and soon be forgotten. We’ll chalk it up in the Department of Motor Vehicles logbook as a notable tragedy, and then trudge our way to work and forget about it in the coming weeks as more mundane tasks of life take priority again.
The fact is, people, that the car is one of the deadliest vehicles, pun intended, for us humans. People die every day due to carelessness and, worse yet, due to circumstances beyond their control. For example in a rear-end car accident the person in front has absolutely no idea what is coming to them and may find themselves in the hospital just because someone wasn’t paying attention, they were eating a cheeseburger, texting, or simply misjudged the situation.
Is there a solution? Yes.
Undoubtedly there is. Do we, as people, have the energy, the dedication and the wherewithall to implement one?
Now that, peeps, is the real question. Think about it. If you care to comment we’d like to hear what you have to say.
Drive safely out there,
-= Your friendly Traffic Corespondent =-