Goodbye 2012!

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It’s been real Peeps!
The end of 2012 marks the end-of-the-Universe; which we survived if you haven’t already noticed.
Absolutely no change in our traffic patterns makes us wonder – will we ever drive towards a brighter future in transportation? Or are we relegated to spending about 20% of our lives sitting in metal pods between points A and B?
One things for certain, we here at Traffic Quagmire are here to help. If there’s an idea to propose, or a rant to make, we’ll put it out there.
At least for one more day. After that…who knows?
Meaning we are taking January, 2013, to contemplate what’s the next step to get some traction towards making a difference in commute times around Atlanta. For you…for me…for us.
The site may experience some gridlock (an outage) during that time – don’t worry. Don’t fret. We’ll be back, in one form or another.
Until then…peace out!
-= David Chai and the Traffic Quagmire Pit Crew =-
P.S. Don’t be afraid to be a Maverick. Before you know it you’ll be saying “Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years.”

Last Things Aren’t Always Last Things

When you think you’ve gone too far. When you think you’ve had enough. When you think you just can’t take another step…
Take one more.
That’s what we need to do, as a Transportation Centric Society (TCS).
We could post countless hours of YOU, dear reader, sitting in endless lines of traffic. In fact, we could have taken video of the most ill-timed traffic light at the intersection of GA-441 and I-285 today. It was humorous, at best.
Picture this: a green light for you. Yet, you cannot proceed. There is, literally, a semi-truck trailer who has just pulled into the middle of the intersection, attempting to get onto I-285. Wait…it gets better.
This is after two (2) previous cycles of green lights whereby cars proceeded into the intersection because they could, and you could not.
Effectively, gridlock, unless you took it upon yourself to muscle through the intersection, screwing all the laws and by-laws traffic courts have set forth for us. That’s what it is these days – a virtual wild-wild west of traffic. Heck, we should rename this POST “The Wild Wild West of Traffic.”
It’s as if the traffic timers carelessly set the red/green light pattern and walk away, without a care in the world. Does it work? Who cares! Do the lights turn red + green, and occasionally yellow? Check. I’m outta here.
I say that we should demand better.
This POST is supposed to be humorous, so we leave you with a joke:
Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To get to the other side.
If you don’t get it, then you must have skipped adolescence.
To paraphrase: the chicken, simply, wanted to cross the road, and so it did. Should we demand just as much, if not more, from our traffic “system?” We think so.
Peace out,
-= David Chai =-

Maximum Driving Segment

In IN-TOWN traffic, what is the maximum distance one can possibly go without hitting a red light and stopping again?
This question came to mind as I gunned down the throttle, attempting to make the turn before the green-arrow turned yellow.
Missed it.
As I idled at the light, my mind came up with these questions: who is timing traffic lights? Or, is there anyone who is looking at the timing of traffic lights? Would it be possible to time traffic lights better?
And so, we have the “Maximum Driving Segment” or (MDS).
A lofty goal would be to target these and optimize them.
What say ye?
Peace out,
-= David Chai =-

We’re on a New Schedule

So, in the light of daylight savings time, it’s wise to conserve energy when it’s not being used.
Look for a new frequency of uptime from this website, meaning, 50%.
Peace out,
-= David Chai =-

The Train has Left the Station

Yup. That’s right. If you’re not already on board it, then you’ve missed it. And there’s not another train coming later.
C’est la vie people. Sorry to say, you’re not going to make it to your destination now.
Well, you can always listen to some great music while you berate yourself for having one too many cups of coffee in the morning.

Not feeling any better about missing your ride? Seriously, has that ever happened to you? There is a deadline. Fast and hard. You know it before hand (like that termpaper deadline coming up). And yet somehow you still miss it. It’d kinda like having to be at work by 9:00am, no if’s and’s or but’s, but you somehow meander in about 9:10am instead. What kind of position does that put the bossman in? Not a great one, since (s)he has to throw down some discipline now.
This post is about deadlines. About making it, or not. You either hit the ball (base hit) or missed it (strike out!). It’s cut, and dry. Plain, and simple. Jelly, and toast. Wait…what? Just makin’ sure you’re paying attention.
It’s Monday.
And as we peer through the I-85 overpass fence we see an endless line of cars stacked 5-lanes wide. And I think to myself: gosh, I’m glad I’m not stuck in that!
The time to change the face of transportation is now. Are we going to make it, or miss it?
-= David Chai =-

Everything that is Automotive Decays

It just hit me today, every vehicle out on the road today will, over time, decay to a point and then break.
No if’s, and’s, or’s or butts. It will happen. Eventually. So, that just means: “What do you do when your car (or, insert desired mode of transport here) breaks down? It’s pretty much guaranteed that the mechanics will be seeing your vehicle at some point in its brief lifespan. And so, will you prepare for it?
Something else that’s also guaranteed: we have a love affair with our cars. And we’ll never give them up because they’re just so cherry and create so many opportunities by what they do for us. We can wash them, fix them, or pretend to fix them and hope the girl next door comes over to investigate, we can race them, go for a cruise, take a road trip, we can offer to give someone a lift across town, pickup groceries, haul furniture…the list goes on and on and on and on. And so we’ll never give up our cars. And, yet, there will always be that annoying maintenance factor.
Given these simple facts, what can we do about it? I’m not sure exactly just yet, but I’m hoping someone with some serious transportation authority can think of some alternatives soon.
Hey, here’s a video with a couple cars in it:

It’s the weekend so enjoy it. Enjoy. And mull things over before you go do what next week? That’s right: DRIVE TO VOTE for the President this Tuesday in what we’re predicting to be a land-slide decision. It’s exciting to watch history in the making!
Peace out and have a great weekend,
=- Traffic Quagmire -=

Mondays are a good time

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Argh, it’s Monday and we’re back at it. Honking and glaring at each other in traffic.
When, oh when, will we sing songs like this about sitting in traffic?

If nothing else, hopefully you have to have one less cup o Joe this morning after watching that video.
Peace out,
-= The Commuter =-

Just Fun Stuff on Fridays

There is no theme for this post, peeps, other than this: live while we’re young.

I think that if we don’t live while we’re young then definitely we don’t have an opportunity to go back and “fix it.” Then again, a lot of what we have to “fix” is because we did a little too much livin’ while we are young. Ha. Here’s some props to a great chef, Robert, and meeting an outstanding contributor to society, Richard. Happy Friday peeps.
That’s what’s trending now. On this brisk and cold Friday morning in the ATL.
Oh yea, how’s traffic? Unchanged? You don’t say…Why don’t you try a trip on MARTA sometime and see how it changes your perspective on commuting in Atlanta.
Peace out,
-= The Commuter =-
p.s. Look for some outstanding articles coming out by our new contributor. What’s next? International traffic!

It’s stupendous!

All I’m really talking about today is music, but in all seriousness, it’s stupendous that we have a new contributor here at the Quagmire.
Let’s just give a warm welcome to David Chai. Details forthcoming.
And to annotate this equivocal event, watch this video, listen to the musical vibes, and pretend like you’re not sitting in row-after-row of endless traffic:

Now, that being said, we heard that there is a downtown trolley coming to Atlanta!
Peace out,
-= TQuag =-

The Vanagon is back!

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Slightly smaller, and more compact. Yet, the passion for the classic Volkswagen Vanagon is remarkable.

Road trip anyone?

Road trip anyone?

Have an enjoyable day.
-= The Commuter =-